Carolyn Castaneda is an art quilter currently residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has had her work shown internationally as well as shows in the U.S. Carolyn is currently working on a series commemorating the Sandy Hook School shootings. Her work varies from fantastical landscapes to abstract images. Carolyn is interested in process and how to further her evolvement in creating provocative images with fabric.



A love of fabric and what I could make from it has been my passion since I was twelve years old. From making my clothes, and my children’s clothes, and later on, bed quilts and now art quilts, I have been working with fabric for over 55 years. Currently I aspire to keep growing as an art quilt artist which includes bringing my own sense of color, shape and design to my work.

Part of the fun and challenge of creating art quilts is problem solving. Sometimes, I don’t quite know how to execute my vision. Trial and error is one of the techniques I turn to and the process always leads me down new and unexpected paths. During this time I like to experiment with color, patterns, and unusual fabrics to see what kind of impact they have on the design of my vision.

Currently I am working with several themes that have resulted in a series of quilts. It is fascinating to me how the first quilt inspires the second, and the second influences the third, and so on. For me, subsequent quilts in a series seem to evolve from each other in a different way than my experience of creating an individual quilt. In addition to creating series, I am striving to use more semi- nonrepresentational as well as purely abstract images in my work.


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